We are currently in prayerful search of a rector for our parish.


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The Church

The Church

At this time St. Luke's is closed. We will keep you posted. 

 Washington National Cathedral shares worship at www.cathedral.org or look for others streaming live in our area. God's Peace.

Steeple of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Blackstone, VA

The Church

The Church

The Church

St. Luke's has been a part of Blackstone since 1859. We are small, but mighty.



The Church


Celebrate Holy Eucharist or Morning Prayer with us on Sundays at 10 a.m. followed by fellowship in the Parrish Hall. Please see our calendar.  We welcome everyone and are handicap accessible.


St. Luke's is a small Episcopal church located in Blackstone, Virginia. We are located on the corner of Main and Church Streets.

St. Luke's Episcopal Church

424 South Main Street, Blackstone, Virginia 23824, United States

434-292-4265 answering machine only


Open today

09:30 am – 12:00 pm

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St. Luke's Vestry Team

Kathy Wootton: Senior Warden, Communications, Worship, and Faith Formation

Ronald Pennington: Junior Warden, Facilities Management
Rebecca Arnason: Fellowship
Sydney Gilley: Webmaster and Search Committee Liaison
Anne Stiles: Pastoral Care
Carolyn Vermillion: Outreach
Ally Vermillion: Student Representative

James Dunford

Granville Scott

Charles Arnason: Treasurer
Myra Quicke: Register


The beauty outside of our church on a glorious Spring day.